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اضطرابات التواصل


لا تندرج كل مشكلة تواصل عند الاطفال تحت اسم طيف او اضطراب التوحد. هناك مؤشرات تدل على هذا الإضطراب وعوامل تأثر في النمو اللغوي والتواصل عند الأطفال
من خلال لقاءنا في سوف نجيب على الأسئلة التالية
ماهي قدرات التواصل عند الطفل؟
كيف نلاحظ الإضطرابات ؟
متى ومن يقوم بالتشخيص ؟
ماهي الوسائل العلاجية ؟

GMT 5am, Beyrouth 7am, UAE 9am, Delhi 10.30am, Singapore 1pm, Sidney 4pm


رعاية الموهوبين ودمجهم في مؤسساتنا التعليمية 


يعتبر الموهوبون والمتفوقون والمبدعون مصدراً من مصادر الثروة الإنسانية والقومية على مستوى الأفراد والدول، ويلاحظ بشكل عام ازدياد الاهتمام بتربية الأطفال والشباب الموهوبين ضمن نماذج عالمية مختلفة
سنتحدث في هذه الجلسة عن من هو الموهوب وكيف يتم اكتشافه واهم خصائص الطلبة الموهوبين واليات تدريسهم كما سيتم التطرق الى الية التعامل معهم بناءا على احتياجاتهم النفسية

GMT 7.30am, Beirut 9.30am, UAE 11.30am, Delhi 1pm, Singapore 3.30pm, Sydney 6.30pm


Creating Smooth Transitions for Students with Special Needs


The narrative of a student with special needs is often lost when moving from one school to another or even from one grade level to another! Understanding an incoming student’s needs is a time consuming, but vital process. I myself and many other teachers have said, “If I’d only known, I could have made the student’s transition better.” When a student with additional needs that fall outside of the general education bubble arrives or leaves your classroom, what can you do to ensure there is a smooth transition?

In this workshop, we will explore:

Why are smooth transitions vital for our students?

What information should you compile? How does progress over time aid this process?

Learner Profiles, the many possibilities, and why they work

Facilitating smooth transitions

GMT 11.15am, Beirut 1.15pm, UAE 3.15pm, Delhi 4.45pm, Singapore 7.15pm, Sydney 10.15pm



Mindfulness: support your well-being


While many of us, especially in the educational sector, mainly focus on how to support others, it is fundamental to support ourselves too and nourish our own well-being. Mindfulness and the practice of presence is a way to attain higher self-awareness, inner stability, and relaxation. Hence, we cultivate the capacity to deal better with difficult challenges at work and in relations. The first part of this seminar offers a brief theoretical introduction to mindfulness and its benefits, including a scientific standpoint from the latest neuroscientific research. The second part offers a guided meditation practice for you to dive into the experience.

GMT 2pm, Beirut 4pm, UAE 6pm, Delhi 7.30pm, Singapore 10pm, Sydney 1am


الصعوبات التعلمية والتعدد اللغوي


خلال هذه الجلسة سنتعرف على
اللغة الشفهية واضطراباتها
تطور اللغة الشفهية
عوارض الاضطرابات
طرق العلاج والمساعدة

اللغة المكتوبة واضطراباتها
تطور اللغة المكتوبة
عوارض الاضطرابات
طرق العلاج والمساعدة

GMT 6.15am, Beirut 8.15am, UAE 10.15am, Delhi 11.45am, Singapore 2.15pm, Sydney 5.15pm


Third Culture Kids


We live in a globalized, interconnected world, yet it is still a world in which our identities are closely linked to our nationalities and cultures. Third Culture Kids are individuals how have grown up between cultures and whose identities are tangled up in multiple cultures. For them, the concept of “home” can be confusing. Unresolved grief, difficulties making friends and a lack of a sense of belonging are all things that Third Culture Kids can carry into adulthood. Many TCKs aren’t even aware of their unique identity and may never take steps to heal wounds they may have developed in childhood. This seminar offers insights into how teachers and schools can work with children at different stages to develop a sense of grounding and ownership in an identity that can often feel rootless and lonely. Drawing on personal experience and research, Magdalena will talk about the pros and cons of being a TCK and how teachers can better support and celebrate TCK identities. 

GMT 10am, Cairo 12pm, Beyrouth 12pm, UAE 2pm, Delhi 3.30pm, Singapore 6pm, Sidney 9pm


Universal Design for Learning as an approach for inclusive practice


This webinar provides an introduction to Universal Design for Learning as an approach for inclusive practice.
In our blended classrooms, students face barriers to learning, here we consider how can we remove barriers to allow all leaners to engage with equity, whilst understanding the variability of students, challenging the myth of the ‘average’  

GMT 12.30pm, Beirut 2.30pm, UAE 4.30pm, Delhi 6pm, Singapore 8.30pm, Sydney 11.30pm



Mindfulness in classroom الـتأمل الواعي

Fatima Halawani



How ICT and Media Literacy Experts Supported the Teaching and Learning Community Remotely!​

Luna Freidy and Rawan Adawi




Developing a Shared Pedagogy

Anne van Dam


 مبادرات باللغة العربية


Mirna Mneimneh, Jalal Masarweh, Doha Khassawneh




Play Therapy: Wellbeing Matters During a Time of Crisis and Beyond

Kasia Krohn



Concept-driven Learning that Transfers 

Julie Stern


The Possibilities of Loose parts- Engaging Young learners

This online seminar will focus on ways to create a culture for optimal leaning, rich in communicative potential through the use of ‘intelligent’ materials.
We will look at ways to present and organise materials when inviting children to engage.
We will also consider:
the role of playful inquiry and reflection, documenting children’s learning processes and how this informs planning
the sustainability and the ethics around the use of materials.
Participants will:
• Reflect and build on their knowledge of how children learn effectively
• Gain a deeper understanding of the role of the environment in creating meaningful and generative opportunities for learning
• Build on their knowledge of how to introduce materials to children to encourage deep level engagement
• Explore how the process of documenting children’s learning can inform responsive and differentiated planning.
Workshop Online hosted by Kirsten Liljegren
Saturday 20th March 2021

 GMT: 5am-7am and 7.30am – 9am and 9.30am – 11.30am

UAE: 9am – 11am and 11.30am- 1pm and 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Duration 5 hours
Fee: 119 euros

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