Designing a Post-Pandemic Thinking and Learning (ATL) Skills Programme

Live on-line workshop via zoom with Lance G. King

During those 4 sessions Lance will be covering the following:
Session 1: Lessons Learned from Covid19
- Rationale for teaching thinking and learning skills
- Self-Managed Learners
- Teaching thinking and learning skills
Session 2 : Designing Your Own Programme
- Designing a Core Generic thinking and learning (ATL) skills programme
- Designing a Subject Specific thinking and learning (ATL) skills programme
Session 3: Teaching Character skills
- Resilience, Courage and Failing Well
Session 4: Assessment of thinking and learning (ATL) skills
-Metacognition and Assessment

10, 11, 12 and 13 August
7am GMT, 11am Dubai, 12.30pm New Delhi, 3pm Singapore, 5pm Sidney, 7pm Auckland
Duration 1h30 x 4
Fee: 119 euros if registration before 1st August, 2020
        149 euros if registration after 1st August, 2020
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Lance King is: the Creator of the Art of Learning, programme delivered to over 300, 000 students in 37 countries the Designer of the new IB ATL, programme implemented in over 3000 schools in 150 countries Workshop facilitator in over 250 schools Author of six books on Thinking and Learning skills